About Ruminations

In spring 2006, Laurie persuaded me to replace my perfectly good, 1979 Fuji 12-speed with recent technology. When I came home with a new Cannondale hybrid, I exclaimed, “I’m going to ride across the country before I’m 50.” Didn’t, but the following summer, when I rode up Going to the Sun, my life was altered.

We have many identities. Mine include father, husband, brother, Democrat. I’ve ridden a bike since age 5, when my dad took me out on Christmas Day and worked with me till I could jump on one pedal, swing my other leg over the saddle, and ride away without falling. But the trip to Glacier National Park consummated a passion for looking at the world, and meditating on my place in it, at 15 mph.

1 Response to About Ruminations

  1. Peacenik says:

    Lovely blog.
    I ride a ricketty bike, very slowly, around Burke Lake Park a couple of times a week when weather permits. With time feeing up for me this summer, I’m look forward to more biking, with slightly more exciting trails. I’m old, chunky, and slow. Any recommendations for easy trails in the Fairfax (VA) area?
    BTW, I think we worked together at the WB a million years ago.

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