Garrett County “Upsy-Downsy”

Heading east on Devils Half Acre Road

After several of us bailed on a two-day, 260-mile loop from Middletown to Monterey in the Virginia highlands because of temperature forecasts around 100, Joel Dechter invited me to join the Mutiny of the Wimps: a century circuit of Deep Creek Lake that Crista Borras figured was about 10,000 feet of climbing. The other attraction was the prospect of some relief from the heat dome in the lowlands.

Off we went, with Chuck Wood ferrying us and our bikes in his Dodge Caravan, to stay in a “cabin” up a hill from the lake, a major recreation attraction on the far edge of Maryland, 130 miles from D.C.

Sunday morning before 7, we rode into a heavy fog and quickly encountered showers on our Way to Friendsville, on the Youghiogheny River. On the way we fell down a hill on the approach at 48 to 52 mph — evidence of the biker’s truth: What comes down must go up.

There was a lot of up. Over the first six hours, we managed 52 miles, forcing us to consider a shortcut so as not to get back home at midnight on a school night. We clipped 13 miles off the planned route, sparking quick talk of a return in October to run the full course. Because having climbed only 8300 feet in 87 miles, we felt cheated.

The pics are here.

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